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2019 has been a great year for the club. We had a successful hamfest, a Field Day that was great fun, a Glassner ride where we made a significant and much appreciated contribution to communications and safety, a fox hunt where hunters outfoxed the fox, a National Night Out where we showed off the hobby to the public and other public safety organizations, and a great fix to the 84 repeater problem! We had a MARC QSO Party. And to top it all off, we had a fantastic Christmas Party and Awards Celebration, the kind where people said “we have to do this again!” Phew … we did a lot.

More is in store for 2020! We are already planning Field Day … this time we are ahead of the curve. We are moving our MARC List from yahoo to groups.io - that will be a much more pleasant experience with no advertisements and a nice gigabyte of file space for various club documents like the minutes and membership directory.

You know that the tall tower repeater is defunct, and new insurance requirements make it completely unfeasible to have anyone climb up there. In fact, the most economical course of action is to abandon the equipment in place. But thanks to some efforts by George AK4NG we have a line on an excellent South Montgomery County site, the water tower in Ramer. A lot of planning needs to go into that, and it won’t happen overnight, but we continue to work towards having a good repeater for the south of the county.

Along with our move to groups.io and away from yahoo, we are also revamping our website. We have had an outstanding and reliable webmaster in Jim Wolfe KK4ZCN but after six years he would like to retire, and we cannot blame him. I am working with our Online Presence Committee Chair Warren KE4ITL on putting together a comprehensive strategy for online presence in which the website, the groups.io file area, and facebook all play a role in inviting the public to explore what this hobby has to give. We might even be able to increase our hamfest attendance.

We are looking to update our HF club station and install an endfed that will make operations much more exciting. We need to overhaul quite a few outdated provisions in the bylaws.

I am personally extremely gratified about the way that club members have stepped up and have not just participated but have taken on responsibilities and exercised leadership. It has been great fun working together. The camaraderie and humor have made this club a source of delight and good feelings. The energy to accomplish a lot in 2020 is right there in our club, as is the expertise and the experience.

I am looking forward to a great 2020 with all of you!

73 de N4UZZ