Skywarn Check In

Skywarn is a directed net. Wait for net control to ask for check-ins. Call net control with the following Keywords in order of priority:  
MAYDAY Any emergency situation needing police, fire, or medical services
WARNING To warn of dangerous weather - t-storm, rotation, wall cloud, funnel cloud, or tornado (first person actual observations only!)
SEVERE To report severe weather, add "measured" or "estimated"
DAMAGE To report weather damage: structures, trees down, road flooded
TRAFFIC To pass agency traffic where the station is assigned to assist an agency or group (e.g. operators of a shelter)
CONTACT To request making contact with another station on frequency
OBSERVATION To report significant but non-severe weather observation
INFO To provide information needed by net control or other stations
SECURING To report securing station
RE-CHECK To return (after net control told you to re-check when you return)
CORRECTION To correct faulty information passed on the net -
**this has the same priority as original call being corrected
RADAR To provide radar updates on cell movements or intensity
THIRD PARTY To provide info from third parties, public agency radio traffic or public media (e.g. road closures, major accidents)
DISCUSSION To make announcements or contribute to any discussion on the net - and for any other purpose not covered above
CHECK-IN Not used - stand by to check in until net control calls for check-ins, unless you have Priority Traffice, then use the appropriate Keyword.