Getting Started With CW

Fred Beatty, K8AJX


Moving on to Words and Text

Okay, now you are feeling good about individual characters, numbers, and prosigns. It’s time to put some words and text into the program to expand our copying skills.

“Learn the Morse Code” has a database of words to get you started. Select the “Source” pull down menu and click on “Words.” You will get a pop-up that gives you the option of the number of words from commonly used ones in the program database. Leave the default at 25 and click on “Okay,” then click the “Play” arrow. After the words load, the program will begin to transmit them and they will printout in the “Output” window. Copy them without looking at the window. When the program finishes sending, cross-check your copy with the “Output” window. That’s all there is to it. Many of these words, by the way, are so commonly used that you will actually learn the sound of the word rather than the individual characters in it.

Now, what about text? Entering it is similar. Find a text source that you would like to practice on (word-processing document, saved document, online sources, and so on), then highlight and copy it. Next click on “Source” and select the “Entered Text” option. Then click on the “Play Arrow.” When you do that, a window will come up for you to enter the text. Paste in your text and click “OK” and the program will load and begin to transmit it. Again, the text will print out in the “Output” window as it is transmitted.

You can also practice on files in a similar manner with the “Text file” option.

Okay, we have established the foundations and are copying CW now. What about sending code?

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